Stay on top of failures.

The Defer Dashboard allows the setup of alerting at the environment level as Slack notifications.




Setup alerting

To setup alerting on a given environment, go to its Settings page:

Then, click on the “Setup Slack notifications” button:

Once Defer is installed in your Slack workspace, you will be able to configure the alerting for Builds and Executions:

By default, only notifications on failures are enabled.

You will now be notified in Slack with quick access to the execution/build logs:




Update existing alerting rules

To update an existing notifications configuration, go to the Settings of the environment.

Then, enable or disable the given event types (success or failure) and click on “Update”.

To disable all notifications, please unselect all event types and click on Update.

Changing the Slack channel

It is currently not possible to change the configured Slack channel from the Dashboard. If you need to, don't hesitate to get in touch with us on the Discord Community or on Slack.