Scale with your plan while following our Fair use policy.



Fair use

Defer is subject to a Fair usage policy to prevent any DDOS issues.

Here are some examples of Fair use and forbidden usage:

Example of good usage of Defer

  • Processing data
  • Offloading your Serverless API
  • Lightweight AI processing
  • Reports generation
  • File processing
  • Not sure? Contact us


Example of forbidden usage of Defer

  • Crypto mining
  • Heavy ML or AI
  • Heavy scraping of websites
  • Loading testing





All the limits mentionned below are soft limits. Reaching them will result in a message from us and a possible suspension of your account in case of non conformity.




Global technical limits that impact both Builds and Executions.

HobbyProCustom (Limits)
Network performance5Gb10GbUp to 5000Gb
Logs Retention7 days30 daysUp to 1 year
Logs size200Mo1GoUp to 10Go




HobbyProCustom (Limits)
Concurrent build (across applications)110Up to 100
Duration30min1hUp to 10h
Build size1Go5GoUp to 10Go




HobbyProCustom (Limits)
Execution duration30min6hUp to 2 days
Concurrency (across functions)150Up to 1k
Argument size20kb100kbUp to 50Mo
vCPU0.51Up to 5
Memory500Mo500Mo-1GoUp to 10Go
Result size20kb100kbUp to 50Mo
Storage10Mo100MoUp to 1Go